Our story

Who is behind musclevibes?

musclevibes was founded by athletes for athletes. The founder Philipp Baar, is a professional marathon runner, German champion in the half marathon distance and has represented Germany in the marathon race at the European Championships in Berlin. Over the years, more and more recovery gadgets found their way into his sports bag. Due to poor quality, Philipp was able to quickly sort out many devices. Others were either unaffordable or not available in Germany at all.

We know that athletes place great emphasis on their recovery in order to get everything out of their bodies. Whether professional athletes, fitness fans or weekend warriors - we all do our best every day to achieve our goals. We want to be the partner at your side. Our goals are clear: fewer injuries and more best performances through optimal regeneration.


Choose musclevibes!

We are in constant contact with some of the best athletes in Germany who test products from musclevibes for us and therefore for you. So you can be sure that musclevibes will give you the best recovery products.

The fields of application are versatile:
  • Reduction of muscle soreness
  • Improvement of mobility and flexibilitation of metabolic products Optimal preparation and
  • Reduce lactic acid
  • More effective warm-up and cool-down
  • Fascia training and release
  • Trigger point massage