Treat pubic inflammation (osteitis pubis) with massage gun

Schambeinentzündung mit Massagepistole behandeln - musclevibes

Osteitis pubis is a rather painful and protracted injury. Especially footballers, but also track and field athletes, tennis players and joggers unfortunately often underneath. The cause of this injury is often due to trauma: a minimal tear in the groin, a dismemberment of the adductor muscles, or even a groin fracture can be the cause. At the same time, the problem can be favored by anatomical conditions and lack of stability of the pelvis (the pelvis).

This injury caught me in December 2018. During jumps after running, a stinging pain suddenly drove into my groin. Initially, the pain in the groin could be endured, but it got worse and worse. After a few days of running, I resumed training without any significant improvement.

So it went for a few weeks. I dragged myself through training with a sore groin and didn't really know what caused this pain. Even an ultrasound did not bring clarity. Nevertheless, I put 10 weeks of solid training behind me and was able to finish a disappointing 2:18h in the marathon at the Vienna Marathon 2019. Even after a few weeks of running, the pain in the groin was clearly felt, albeit in the background and duller than before.

Then, in October 2019, I pulled the rip line. The pain was just too great. I had an MRI done and the diagnosis was clear: Osteitis Pubis. On german: pubic inflammation. My chronically shortened abdominal muscles and adductors had caused bone marrow edema (fatigue fracture) to develop at the symphysis (cartilage gap in the pelvis). A running break of at least six weeks was inevitable. These six weeks eventually became twelve weeks before I was able to start my first running attempts again at the turn of the year 2019/2020.

In addition to strengthening the lower extremities and exercises to improve stability and balance, the main aim was also to reduce muscle tension in the adductors and abdominal muscles. Only in this way could bone marrow edema heal in lasting lyane. Both places are in principle impossible to reach with the fascia roll and stretching was still too painful at this stage.

Luckily, I had already bought my first massage gun at that time. With this I managed to precisely edit the fixed adductors and thus achieve a better effect than with the classical elongation. I performed this self-massage with the massage gun up to three times a day, especially during the heating before the workout and for follow-up afterwards. In this way I was able to effectively reduce the tension after training. For this I mainly used the large round massage attachment. It is perfect for large muscle groups such as adductors and abdominal muscles.

The intensity of the massage can be individually adjusted and increased: from a light activating massage to an intense massage for loosening trigger points. The abdominal muscles could also be reached excellently with my massage gun. Previously, it was impossible for me to reduce muscle tension in a sustainable way.

Even after the pubic inflammation has been overcome, I still massage my abdominal muscles and adductors regularly. Thanks to the use of my massage gun, my pubic inflammation is no longer a problem today. If you also have problems with muscle soreness, tension, trigger points, or even shortened muscles, I recommend you a massage twice a day with our massage gun. The massage is preferably a little gentler before the workout (a certain muscle tension is desired here). In the evening you can then specifically edit your pain points and massage a little more intensively.

I personally like a massage of about 30 seconds with a large massage attachment for large muscle groups such as the adductors and abdominal muscles. This can be repeated 3-4 x with short breaks. Smaller trigger points should be solved intensively, but not by force, for no more than 30 seconds with a small attachment.

If you also have problems with pubic inflammation, or would like to share your own experiences, I invite you to share them with us in the comments.



  • Philipp Baar

    Hallo Marcus, danke für deinen Kommentar. Das tut mir Leid zu hören. Tatsächlich plage ich mich auch schon seit einigen Zeit mit einer lästigen Reizung der Achillessehne rum und sitze gerade an einem Artikel dazu. Ich hoffe, dass dir der Artikel etwas helfen wird. Ich werde dort den Verlauf meiner eigenen Reha schildern. Viele Grüße und gute Besserung!

  • Marcus

    Danke für den Interessanten Artikel und den Einblick in den Verlauf und die Behandlung. Ich hoffe es kommen noch weitere Artikel über die Stärken und Anwendungsgebiete deiner Produkte.

    Ich, selbst als Freizeitläufer auf der Langstrecke unterwegs, leide nun schon den dritten Monat an einer lästigen Entzündung der Achillessehne und ich schätze, dass ich auch noch eine ganze Weile damit kämpfen werde. Da Übungen, Blackroll, Dehnen & Co nur langsam zu helfen scheinen, überlege ich mir nun eine Massagepistole für u.a. die Wadenmuskulatur zuzulegen.

    Vielleicht gibt es mal eine Artikelserie darüber, wie sich die verschiedenen Pistolen unterscheiden und somit die Entscheidungsfindung zu vereinfach.

    Besten Dank und viel Erfolg mit deinen Produkten, Marcus.

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