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The first two blog posts were all about overcoming injuries. Often you don't really worry about your body until it's already too late and the body tweaks here and there. Fortunately, most cinnamon beadines are overcome within a few days. However, there can also be real injuries again and again. Although many health experts like to disagree on the causes of various injuries, there is a fairly common consensus that effective warming before training can prevent many problems. That is why today's article is supposed to deal with this very well.

On Instagram, I like to use the hashtag #recoverlikeapro. But what about #warmuplikeapro? Many recreational and competitive athletes have to build their daily training workload around their normal daily work routine. Things like preparation and follow-up of the training are often neglected. The belief is widespread that only professional athletes have the time to prepare effectively for their training. But it can be so simple (and also fast).

At the moment, with the establishment of the musclevibes online shop, I myself have a similar workload as in times when I also combined marathon training with a 40-hour working week. So I know the dilemma all too well. In the meantime, however, I was also able to get to know the lifestyle of a professional athlete and can draw a good comparison. Often the excuse of not having enough time is the easiest way to save yourself the unloved exercises. Often it's less about having time than taking time. So here's a little guide on how to make my warming as effective as possible before daily training.

In the picture above the article is the Olympic fifth and fourth place at the World Championship, Christopher Linke . Christopher has been a major player in the international business of athletics for several years. Just like Christopher, I use a massage gun before each workout in order to prepare my calves optimally for the workout. Anyone who has read the last blog article knows that I have been struggling with Achilles tendon pain for some time. For me, the loosening of the calf muscles is indispensable. I take about 30 seconds per calf to massage the muscles with a large massage attachment (ball).

In the second step, I take care of my plantar tendon. The Achilles tendon and the plantar tendon merge at the heel and must be considered as a unit. Since I have a very high arch, I often have tension on the plantar tendon, which also increases for the train on the Achilles tendon. In another 30 seconds per side, this voltage can be effectively reduced and blood circulation is stimulated. So we have now reached a total duration of about 2 minutes.

In the next step, I use the Active Ball S fascia ball with vibration to activate the muscles in my buttocks. At first glance, the muscles in the buttocks do not have much to do with the calf muscles and thus the Achilles tendon. In a closer look, however, this assumption turns out to be a fallacy. When running, one has to consider the body as a whole and often an inactive musculature in the buttocks and the back of the thigh turns out to be the culprit. This can be easily fixed: I sit slightly obliquely on the ball for 30 seconds per side and let the vibration do its work in small circular movements.

In the final step, the activation of the muscles of the lower back follows for me. Just like activating the gluteal muscles, this step is extremely effective and helpful and effective, especially for athletes who sit a lot in everyday work. Due to the long sitting at the workplace, the muscles fall into an inactivity that must be overcome. A gentle massage is particularly suitable for this, better still with vibration. I use the Active Ball Duo fascia ball and roll up and down slowly for another 30 seconds along the muscles of the lower back and let the vibration work. After this step I am ready for my endurance run.

In a total of 3 minutes and 30 seconds, with position changes and tidying up around 5 minutes, I have activated all my weaknesses and feel ready to complete a run in good quality from the first step. I can't stress the importance of effective warming enough and I hope this little guide has also given you a motivational boost to take your warming seriously. Your body will thank you.

Until next time,

Philipp Baar of musclevibes

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