The beginning of musclevibes

Der Start von musclevibes - musclevibes

The idea of ​​starting musclevibes was a very spontaneous one. Like many others, I sat at home during the corona pandemic and had a lot of time to think about new ideas and plans. At the same time, as always, I've been training hard and looking for ways to combine my love for sport and my ambitions to start my own company.

At that time, I was in regular contact with other athletes and heard more about recovery boots, massage guns and other gadgets. Of course, I also listened with keen interest for my personal interest. Every now and then I got the chance to test different products. Some convinced me, others didn't.

Another impetus for founding musclevibes was that by chance I bought shares in the online shop provider Shopify towards the end of 2019. Before buying, I familiarized myself with Shopify's business model and learned that it is not that difficult to set up an online shop today. At this point in time, the thought came up that I, too, could set up a shop.

So I started thinking about what the right product for my online shop could be. It was obvious that it should have something to do with exercise and fitness. One thing was immediately clear: I didn't want to sell junk!

So I started looking and after a while I found it. I found a good supplier who was extremely communicative from the start, had innovative and high-quality products in its range and was able to ensure fast delivery times for my potential customers. It quickly became clear that I wanted to focus primarily on electronic products to improve recovery. The first product range therefore included massage guns, recovery boots and vibrating foam rolls and balls.

Many of these products are either difficult to obtain or extremely expensive on the German market. In the worst case, both. I wanted to change that! With musclevibes I would like to introduce you to high-quality products for your recovery after exercise. They are your physio for at home and on the go.

All products have been put through their paces by me and found to be good. I regularly collect feedback from amateur and top athletes in order to provide you with the best range of products for your performance and optimal recovery.

It is my goal to support you in preventing injuries and in your hunt for your best performance! The foundation for it? Optimimzed recovery!

Let the journey begin! Welcome to musclevibes.


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